Who We Are

Our owner operated business is run by a team of two metal workers. Our father son team brings a lot to the table. Eric Anderson our expert fabricator provides over forty years of experience. Chase Anderson provides the latest in industry advancements. Together we are proud to be able to combine our skills to form Custom Metal Creations.

We are pleased to have experience blacksmithing, welding, and general fabrication.

Here at Custom Metal Creations we have live edge tables, metal statues, custom signs, Metal art, custom stands and so much more. As our name suggests we are happy to take on custom orders to fit any needs. If you need a custom part made or a line of products for your business we are here for you. We already produce one of a kind table legs for local table makers in our area.

Principles of Our Work

  • Quality first- We want our products to last for generations and be something you are proud to own.
  • Customer driven- We tailor all prices and timelines to our customer’s needs.
  • Community first- As a small business we put family and community first. We work with small businesses and support the community as much as we can.
  • Pride- We value our reputation and stand behind our products fully
  • Passion- We are craftsmen who are passionate about creating.


We have a combined 50 years experience blacksmithing.
With over 40 years fabrication experience we are prepared for most design challenges.
With 30 years experience in design, testing and manufacturing we have confidence in our products.
With 24 patents we are sure to be able to create a quality piece custom to you.