Welcome to Custom Metal Creations!

We take pride in creating one of a kind custom metal works to fit any needs. Our mission at Custom Metal creations is to create the family heirlooms of tomorrow, today.

Our owner operated business is run by a team of two metal workers. Our father son team brings a lot to the table. Eric Anderson our expert fabricator provides over forty years of experience. Chase Anderson provides the latest in industry advancements. Together we are proud to be able to combine our skills to form Custom Metal Creations.

We are pleased to have experience blacksmithing, welding, and general fabrication.
Here at Custom Metal Creations we have live edge tables, metal statues, custom signs, Metal art, custom stands and so much more. As our name suggests we are happy to take on custom orders to fit any needs. If you need a custom part made or a line of products for your business we are here for you. We already produce one of a kind table legs for local table makers in our area.

Unlike many larger firms we won't turn down one time projects

At our custom metal shop we are always looking for a new challenge.

To us, custom metal work is our opportunity to create your dream home furnishings. Custom furniture can bring your room together creating an eye catching centerpiece. One of a kind live edge shelves can show off your prized possessions. Our prices and time tables are customized according to your exact project. We can make you blacksmithed metal art no one else will have. Whether you want custom garden art or a metal statue for your living room table. Our handcrafted metal work will stand the test of time, unlike mass produced pieces. The metal wall art we create can be customized so you get exactly what you want. If you want your favorite poem or quote on display we can create just the piece. Maybe you want a custom sign with an inside joke for a friend, we can do that too. Don’t settle for dime a dozen wall art when you don’t have to. We want to make art that will light up the room for life.

Recent Projects

Custom Metal Creation’s products are made to order! Here are several projects we have completed over the years to show what we make. All product orders are kept confidential unless the customer states otherwise. We have had unlicensed inventions and surprise gift orders before. Whether you need a prototype for an invention, gag gift or just like privacy we respect that.



Industrial Staircase

At Custom Metal creations we don't believe in planned obsolescence.

Custom Metal creations is here so you can buy it right and buy it for life. So next time you need anything from a custom fire ring to a wrought iron fence, please give us a call.

We want to create one of a kind tables your friends and family can gather at for generations!

At our custom metal shop we are always looking for a new challenge.

Our custom live edge tables will have a timeless design that looks good for ages. We use high quality materials to last for years. At Custom Metal Creations we know sometimes accidents happen. So, we built our tables thick enough to take serious abuse and allow for the option to repair, if damaged.